In 2017, a high number of hurricanes has arisen in the Atlantic Ocean, which has caused huge damages in Central America and in the US. In the year 2017, there have already been 17 tropical storms and hurricanes, of which „Irma“ and „Maria“ were classified in category 5 (above 282 km/h, respectively 175 mph).

The big reinsuring companies react with an increase in the prices to insure disaster control. „2017 will be the third year, after 2005 and 2011, in which insured damages, caused by natural disasters, exceed the mark of 1 billion US-Dollar“, said Hermann Pohlchristoph, management board member of the reinsurer Munich RE, at the yearly meeting of reinsuring companies in Baden-Baden, Germany. In the regions concerned – the US and the Carribean – the price to reinsure towards natural disasters will rise explicitly in 2018. The insurance sector estimates the costs, arising for the insurance companies, to be around 100  billion US-Dollar, caused by the hurricanes „Harvey“ , „Irma“ and „Maria“. Many dead and insured people and those who got homeless are a said consequence of these storms. The overall damage thus exceeds the mentioned insurance costs significantly.

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